Allstar Gundogs hosted a "Fun Field Day" with the Irish Setter Club of southern CA on March 19th, 2005.  They were even gracious enough to put up a NetKennel banner for us!!





It was a basic seminar for introducing the dogs to birds and the cap gun and helping the owners to learn how to handle their dogs in the field.



Gordon Setters, Irish Setters, and English Setters all showed up for the event.  And since a lot of them were show dogs it rained like crazy and got nice and muddy.  There was even a rescue English Setter that showed it can find birds just as good people!



Click here to take a look at the other pictures that they sent us

Everybody had a great time while there and we want to thank Allstar Gundogs for putting on the little event and for hanging our banner up for us. 

Thank you very much!!!