NetKennel's new e-mail system allows you to access your e-mail from anywhere.  You can even use e-mail programs like Outlook Express.  Here is a step by step guide to help you set up your NetKennel e-mail account on Outlook Express.

First - Open your Outlook Express and click on "Tools" from the menu bar.  Then go down and click on "Accounts" from the drop down window.


Then under Internet Accounts, click the "Add" button and then click "Mail".


The next window to open will ask for your name.  This is the name you would like to appear on your outgoing mail.  Your kennel name would be a good choice here.  Enter the name and click "Next".


Now you will enter the e-mail address that NetKennel setup for you.  Enter your e-mail address and click "Next".


On the next window just enter the information as it appears in the screen shot below.  Put POP3 in the drop down box and in the Incoming mail server enter and in the Outgoing mail server box enter  Then click "Next".


In the next screen you will set up your password, just enter the UserID that NetKennel set up for you and enter your password.  It's handy to check the "Remember Password" box so you don't have to worry about it.  Then just click "Next".


Now you're at the last window.  Just click "Finish" and your NetKennel e-mail account can be accessed through Outlook Express.


If you need any assistance just let us know.