Great site and this map graphic is really cool! joel stephens:
Scott Hall:
This is a cool site!! Adam Humphers:
Hey les, I think that the news will be a BIG HIT! I think it's great that now it just makes it a liyyle easier to see what going on in trials and etc. these days. I also just wanted to say that my female will be coming into heat pretty soon, and I was goi Bruce Shaffer:
Great site, Great service and Great people! How about a pix of all you guys we're dealing with? Dale Shores:
Real happy with your webhosting Scott:
Very happy with your web hosting. Lot of hits. Keep up the good work Justin & Brenda Ford:
Wonderful people and an excptional trainer. Post Not Active Pat Thomas:
Eveyone at Net Kennel has been a great help to me setting my site up. Post Not Active
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